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Growth Enhancement
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FACTORS AFFECTING HUMAN GROWTH: Tall parents usually have tall children, and short parents have short children. Therefore, the tendency to be tall or short seems to be largely hereditary. However, tallness appears to be recessive.This means that short parents may have tall children.

When one parent is tall and the other short, the children may be tall or short or even midway between. This occurs because the hereditary pattern is complex, and other factors are often involved. Hormones produced by glands in the body modify growth. Secretions from the pancreas, thyroid gland, and pituitary gland particularly affect growth (see Gland).

These secretions-insulin, thyroxin, and growth hormone-greatly influence cell size and cell number. Too little of any of these hormones can slow growth. In hormone-deficient patients, treatment with the particular hormone increases growth. - Foods and various nutrients are also a priceless factor in growth.

Certain foods but not others contain materials essential for growth.(NOTE:These reports are direct from various books and encylopedias!) To promote proper growth, a person should eat a balanced diet and supplement their diet with various growth stimulating essential ingredients which have been under extensive studies and research analysis for a long time.

Other factors can affect growth. Exercise may promote growth in muscular groups but not likely in bone structural extension. Inactivity may slow it. Communicable diseases or infections interrupt growth.

Stress and emotional disturbances can also interfere with it. AMINO ACIDS AND NUTRITION: Protein is an indispensable ingredient in the living organism, and the amino acid building blocks must be available in the cytoplasm.

Many amino acids are synthesized in the body; others are not. Those not synthesized are called essential amino acids. In man these are isoleucine, leucine, lysine, methionine, phenylalanine, threonine, and valine. These essential amino acids must be provided in the food that an organism eats.

For example: If in Mexico the people ate corn alone, their diet would be deficient in lysine and their growth and tissue replacement would be impaired. Spanish people augment their basic corn diet with beans, which are richer in lysine but still poor in tryptophan. Eggs, milk, or meat would balance the diet.

A vegetarian diet is characteristically low in lysine, methionine, and cystine. Animal products on the other hand provide a more complete array of amino acids. Thus inland African natives have dietary deficiencies not found in African coast natives who supplement their vegetable diet with fish.

Children of central and southern Africa and India often suffer from protein insufficiency that leads to a serious disease called kwashiorkor. See also DNA; gene; METABOLISM; nucleic acid; NUTRITION; protein. - COURTESY ALFRED NOVAK, Stephens College AMINO SUPPLEMENTS: The amino acid group when supplemented in proper amounts and ratios with their vitamin co-factors and other stimulants will in fact allow one's body to function at its fullest potential in all willing aspects such as growth, health, energy, etc.

Amino acid supplements are safe and very effective and when taken on a regular basis can only help one's overall well being. Amino supplements when used wisely can actually be referred to miracles of nature. MICHAEL F. ROSENBERG - University of Illinois HUMAN GROWTH: The stature to which each of us grows is predetermined in our genes, as the racial differences between Pygmies and vatusis testify.

Tall parents tend to produce tall offspring. And, the children of fat parents may be predisposed to obesity but these basic builds can be modulated by, and indeed depend on, endocrine and nutritional factors. The fact that modern human beings are taller than their ancestors of colonial or medieval times is attributable in part to better nutrition and medical care, and in part to hybrid vigor.

whereby people now marry out of their own cultures, nationalities, and races, thus mixing the gene pool. Growth hormone promotes growth during childhood and adolescence, but slackens off when maturity is attained. Too much growth hormone, as is secreted by pituitary tumors, induces gigantism, while too little causes dwarfism.

The adolescent growth spurt is correlated with the surge of sex hormones secreted at the time of puberty. Not surprisingly, nutritional factors have profound effects on growth, especially in immature individuals. Prenatal malnutrition may interfere with cell proliferation in the developing brain, resulting in mental retardation.

Underfed children grow more slowly than normal, but if refeeding is not delayed too long, they will exhibit catch-up growth with little or no stunting of adult height. Prenatal growth is also affected by intrauterine conditions not the least of which is crowding. Birth weights of twins are typically lower than those of singletons, and triplets are born smaller than twins.

In such cases, catch-up growth may eventually erase earlier deficits. Human beings take longer to grow up than any other animal. This is correlated with our considerable longevity but has probably evolved as an adaptation to our higher intelligence. It takes many years to educate children to the cultures into which they were born.

See also Adolescence; Aging; Cell; Embryology; Human; Growth Hormone; Plant Growth; Plant Hormones - Richard J. Goss GROWTH FACTORS AND NUTRITION: Worse still is the amount of nutrition that is lost from our food through processing before we actually get to eat it. Professor Francis Potenger conducted a famous experiment into the effects of food processing.

Taking two groups of kittens, he fed one group on fresh meat, the other on an exclusive diet of canned (processed) cat food. In time, the kittens in both groups grew to maturity and produced litters of their own. With each succeeding generation, the cats fed on fresh food flourished, their fur was glossy and sleek, their behavior lively and alert.

The cats in the canned-food group, on the other hand, suffered a gradual physical and mental deterioration, growth was stunted, they became increasingly psychotic and unsociable, and eventually they were unable to reproduce. Of course, our diets are much more varied than those used in this controlled experiment.

We eat a diversity of meats, dairy products, and vegetables. Nevertheless, Potenger experiment suggests that no matter how nutritious or tasty our food seems, we most likely are not receiving everything we need for a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

A REVOLUTION IN HEALTH: So what can amino acids and other co-factor nutrients such as DHEA and TT and Q10 offer what conventional medicine can? Can they be used as an AIDS vaccine? In brain scans? No, in both cases. Instead, amino acids are demonstrating our bodies as the supremely harmonious organisms that they are.

We are beginning to see how every illness, each faltering loss of vitality and well being, is the result of metabolic imbalances, rather than a single specific cause. These imbalances can be rectified with nutritional supplementation. In other words, with extra supplements of the raw materials found in the food we eat every day of our lives-that is, amino acids, together with certain vitamins and minerals-we can enhance our health and vitality as never before.

In The Amino Revolution, you will see what this means in practice. By examining the metabolic imbalances behind a variety of health problems, you will find out which aminos are involved. Then, suggestions for specific combinations of individual free-form aminos show how to restore balance to the affected pathway.

In this way, you can strengthen your immune system against infection and disease, restore emotional and mental balance, overcome the bad habits of a lifetime (such as smoking), and generally create enormous vitality--enough to meet the immense demands of the twentieth century.

If you are used to thinking of improving your health by taking single nutritional supplements, such as vitamin C for a cold, or worse, drugs that only suppress the cold symptoms, this new amino-based approach could radically alter your attitude and expectations. Used wisely, amino acid supplements are miracles of nature.

They are safe, simple, and unequaled among natural substances for their health-enhancing potential. The title of this book is no exaggeration. Thanks to amino acids, we are poised at the edge of a revolution in health.

GETTING TO KNOW THE FREE AMINOS: Phenylalanine and the Thyroid Gland: Another result of this enzyme deficiency is that the work rate of the thyroid gland can slow down. The thyroid gland is responsible for the rate of your body metabolism.

It determines how fast you grow and whether the food you eat is stored as fat, burned as energy, or used in the processes of regeneration. It does all this by secreting a regulatory hormone called thyroxin.

The amino acid component of this hormone is tyrosine. Phenylketonuria prevents adequate tyrosine from reaching the thyroid gland. The results can be fatigue, obesity, lack of growth, and reduced resistance to disease. All these can be avoided by supplementing the diet with tyrosine, together with the mineral cofactor iodine.

Arginine and Growth Hormone: Arginine is indispensable for optimum growth. It stimulates the pituitary gland into producing growth hormone. This not only speeds wound healing, but ensures that fat is burned more efficiently, while at the same time muscle tissue is being built up.

This makes arginine a central part of any weight-reducing program. Many athletes, recognizing how arginine can improve their performances and physiques, include it in their training programs. Some people have confused arginine with synthetic growth hormones such as anabolic steroids.

There is no connection at all. Arginine works simply by encouraging your body to manufacture its own growth hormones which both burn up excess fat and tone existing muscle. Anabolic steroids, on the other hand, can adversely affect many of the body metabolic pathways.

The previous clippings have been used from various books such as, The Amino Revolution?and the Amino Age.?Various encyclopedias such as, WORLD BOOK, COLLIER'S, AMERICANA, and BRITANNICA have also been used as references to prove our research to be 100% facts and not fraud.

The product we offer is the perfect balance of aminos and vitamin co-factors which have been proven through extensive testing to maximize and speed up one's growth metabolism in a safe and effective way. TallMax contains the ideal blend and complement of Phenylalanine, Arginine, T-Terrestris, Proteins, Organic Growth Stimulating Herbs, Vitamin Co-Factors, Physillium Husk and Valine ratios, which are so important for optimum growth.

These are the same aminos found in various foods that we seldom receive enough of. Most human beings are substantially low in these vital nutrients and taking a daily supplement can only help maximize one's growth process along with overall health and well being. We hope we have greatly inspired you and excited you to a higher level of understanding as well.

Our reported research is one that is not to be ignored. We extend our sincere thanks for your time and interest and look forward to hearing from you real soon. Remember, procrastinators always end up the low guy on the totem pole!?Give your body the best you can and it will reward you by giving you its best. Thanks again.

Weight Control: Even those who don't suffer from phenylketonuria can often benefit from metabolic pathways with free-form supplements of tyrosine and phenylalanine with the help of their doctors.

This will often stimulate the thyroid gland, increasing the rate of metabolism and thus helping the body to mobilize fat deposits and use food more efficiently. These changes help the patient to lose weight. Another of phenylalanine's actions is to stimulate the intestines to produce a secretion.



Per max serving:

(3-TEASPOONS) (TT) Trib.-

Terrestris Active -3750 mg


Maltodextrin - 3900 mg

(Vitamin C- 3.75mcg Vitamin A- 3.75mcg Vitamin E- 30 IU Zinc- 7.5mg) Egg White Hydrolysate - 1350 mg

Natural Orange Flavor - 1500 mg

Protein- 10.5gr



Fat-(less than 1gr)

Folic acid-75mcg



Choline Bitartrate-75mcg


Pantothenic acid-22.5mcg

Vitamin B-12 - 9mcg

Rose Hips- 3.75mcg

Beta Carotene- 3.75mcg

Vitamin E- 30 IU Niacin- 22.5mg

Thiamine- 1.8mg

Riboflavin- 1.8mg

L-Alanine - 742mg

L-Arginine - 1735mg

L-Aspartic Acid - 832mg

L-Carnitine - 25mg

L-Cystine - 112.5mg

L-Glutamic Acid - 1380mg

L-Histidine - 127.5mg

L-Isoleucine - 270mg

L-Lysine - 675mg

L-Methionine - 135mg

L-Phenylalanine - 505mg

L-Proline - 1447.5mg

L-Serine - 367.5mg

L-Threonine - 315mg

L-Tyrosine - 157.5mg

L-Valine - 360mg

Choline Bitartrate- 75mg

Inositol- 1.5mg